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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Could not be more flattered!☺

Well I can honestly say I was shocked and extremely flattered that the lovely Louisa Mary Nominated me for the versatile blogger award! This is my first award and when i read that someone had been that kind to nominate me even though I haven't been blogging that long it put such a big smile on my face :D Thank you Louisa for taking the time to look at my blog, you have gave me such an incentive to keep blogging!


So now I must nominate 10 blogs and write 7 facts about myself....

7 facts about me:

 I'm a vegetarian Simply because I cant bare to eat an animal                                           I'm a complete clean freak it drives my fiance nuts!
I have an odd obsession for black and white decor
 I'm a qualified Car mechanic and electrician 
 I have never been on a plane and I don't even own a passport!
I adore RnB, Hip Hop and Rap
I LOVE Disney (addicted to tangled!)

Now for my nominations: She always has inspiring interesting subjects on her blog and always keeps it fresh LOVE HER BLOG! She is an amazing make-up artist and You tube extraordinaire! If you haven't heard of her yet...Why?! Her blog is always full of useful facts and information, always a great read! She has the most beautiful blog and always has something fun and interesting to blog about Full of great reviews and lovely pictures you have to give her blog a read! Only just discovered this blog but i'm so glad I did! Beautiful girl with lots of great make-up reviews, pictures and hauls Again this is a blog I have only just been introduced to but it really is a great blog! She does great reviews on a variety of different products AMAZINGLY beautiful blog I cant get enough of it! 
And last but no means least Brilliant blog that I cant stop reading!

Thank you to every one who has taken the time out to read my blog I really do appreciate it! Every time i have a new follower it brings a smile to my face :D


Monday, 30 April 2012

Maybelline 10hr Super stay tint gloss review

Hello Beautiful people! 
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

On Saturday I finally got myself a Superdrug beauty card! I would 100% recommend you all to get yourself one of these cards if you can. Especially if your a big drugstore fan (like myself). All you need to do is ask for one at any Superdrug store and register your card online or by filling out the form which comes with the card. Now every time I shop at Superdrug ( in store or online) I get points which turn into pounds! The card itself is BRILLIANT as it has a good quality little mirror on it, which will be perfect on nights out when all the mirrors in the toilets are being hogged, we have all been there! 

On my little trip to Superdrug I purchased the Maybelline Superstay 10hr tint gloss.
I bought it in the color Timeless Plum. What attracted me to this product is the smell, I had i sniff of the tester and thought it was a lovely unique fruity smell. 

I have to say that I really did not like the applicator, It was difficult to work with and Id say I have quite big lips so for someone who has thinner lips I can imagine it would be very awkward. 

As you can see the formula latched on to all the dry bits on my lips, this is a common problem i have found with lip tints and my lips have been dry lately so i overlooked this. What I couldn't help but feel disappointed with is the color, in the tube and on my skin test it looked like a sultry deep plum color yet on my lips it went a vintage pink. However In person It does look slightly more forgiving than what you can see on the picture. I thought I would take a picture of my lips just 2 HOURS after application and this is what i found...

My natural lip color...  This product boasts that it lasts 10 hours and it clearly did't even last 2 hours. I did't make an effort to put it to the test as I never had a meal in that time and I did't do much to test how it would effect the tint on my lips, so really it should have held up better.  Overall i'm fairly disappointed with this product as I generally love the range of makeup Maybelline have to offer. Unfortunately I don't think this is a product i will be repurchasing.

Maybelline Superstay 10hr Tint gloss ~ £6.99

Have you bought this product?
Do you know a good lip tint?

Please leave your comments as I really love hearing from you all!



Thursday, 19 April 2012

Can you ever have enough storage?..

Now ladies....STORAGE. How do we tuck away all are products, gizmos and gadgets but still keep them at easy reach?  I can honestly say that I have tried so many different options. I have tried putting all my make-up together in a pretty printed box but I found it to much of a chore searching through all my products to find the ones I wanted to use. Iv put all my hair and body products in a bag...a Tesco one I think it was (not the most stylish option). Iv tried individual boxes to separate my lips, face and eye make-up but yet again I found a problem because it took up way to much space and looked a tad all over the place. I have also tried the 'lets cram it all in a make-up bag' option does anyone else find make-up bags really hard to keep clean? I would get waterproof mascara on it and NEVER be able to remove the stain. Any way as I was looking in WHSmiths for some picture boxes I came across these draws and I just thought they were the cutest looking things and PERFECT for my make-up storage. 

The draws are deep so you can fit lots in them and I can even get all my pallets In. They seem to be made from a cardboard type material but they are so sturdy, I have allot in them and have had no problem shutting and opening the draws. I did accidently spill some liquid foundation on them and it wiped off easily I also found it easy to wipe away eyeliner and mascara. My only criticism  is that i wish the little fabric handles were made from a easy clean material, I know if I touch them with make-up on my hands i'l struggle to clean it off.

I was equally thrilled when I also then found in WHSmith matching photo boxes.
They do sell the draws in different prints there was a more classy black and white flower print which I was tempted to go for but cupcakes win all the time for me!

WHSmith Cupcake muti draws ~ £12.99
WHSmith Cupcake print photo box ~£5.99

Overall I'm very happy with my new make-up draws but will be on the look out for an even more practical solution!

Have you got the same problem?
Do you know a better storage solution?

Please leave your opinions I would love to hear from you!


Hello lovely girls and boys! 

Overalls are not the most flattering on me
My name is Laura-Ann Johnson and as you may have already read in my 'about me' para i'm an electrician but i'm not the stereotypical women in a mans world. I love my day job, it's something I understand and enjoy but I also love and understand beauty, fashion and all things girly! I have been able to balance being  the typical 'girly-girl' with giving the lads a run for their money in my day job. I would love to channel the other side to me, the girl who loves beauty, make-up, celebs and glamour. I hope I can help you guys out and hopefully give you all a good read. I also LOVE reading other peoples blogs so please leave a comment and follow me so I can discover your interests and passions and follow you back (: 

Thank you all so much for giving me the time of day

Hope to here from you all soon