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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Could not be more flattered!☺

Well I can honestly say I was shocked and extremely flattered that the lovely Louisa Mary Nominated me for the versatile blogger award! This is my first award and when i read that someone had been that kind to nominate me even though I haven't been blogging that long it put such a big smile on my face :D Thank you Louisa for taking the time to look at my blog, you have gave me such an incentive to keep blogging!


So now I must nominate 10 blogs and write 7 facts about myself....

7 facts about me:

 I'm a vegetarian Simply because I cant bare to eat an animal                                           I'm a complete clean freak it drives my fiance nuts!
I have an odd obsession for black and white decor
 I'm a qualified Car mechanic and electrician 
 I have never been on a plane and I don't even own a passport!
I adore RnB, Hip Hop and Rap
I LOVE Disney (addicted to tangled!)

Now for my nominations: She always has inspiring interesting subjects on her blog and always keeps it fresh LOVE HER BLOG! She is an amazing make-up artist and You tube extraordinaire! If you haven't heard of her yet...Why?! Her blog is always full of useful facts and information, always a great read! She has the most beautiful blog and always has something fun and interesting to blog about Full of great reviews and lovely pictures you have to give her blog a read! Only just discovered this blog but i'm so glad I did! Beautiful girl with lots of great make-up reviews, pictures and hauls Again this is a blog I have only just been introduced to but it really is a great blog! She does great reviews on a variety of different products AMAZINGLY beautiful blog I cant get enough of it! 
And last but no means least Brilliant blog that I cant stop reading!

Thank you to every one who has taken the time out to read my blog I really do appreciate it! Every time i have a new follower it brings a smile to my face :D