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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Can you ever have enough storage?..

Now ladies....STORAGE. How do we tuck away all are products, gizmos and gadgets but still keep them at easy reach?  I can honestly say that I have tried so many different options. I have tried putting all my make-up together in a pretty printed box but I found it to much of a chore searching through all my products to find the ones I wanted to use. Iv put all my hair and body products in a bag...a Tesco one I think it was (not the most stylish option). Iv tried individual boxes to separate my lips, face and eye make-up but yet again I found a problem because it took up way to much space and looked a tad all over the place. I have also tried the 'lets cram it all in a make-up bag' option does anyone else find make-up bags really hard to keep clean? I would get waterproof mascara on it and NEVER be able to remove the stain. Any way as I was looking in WHSmiths for some picture boxes I came across these draws and I just thought they were the cutest looking things and PERFECT for my make-up storage. 

The draws are deep so you can fit lots in them and I can even get all my pallets In. They seem to be made from a cardboard type material but they are so sturdy, I have allot in them and have had no problem shutting and opening the draws. I did accidently spill some liquid foundation on them and it wiped off easily I also found it easy to wipe away eyeliner and mascara. My only criticism  is that i wish the little fabric handles were made from a easy clean material, I know if I touch them with make-up on my hands i'l struggle to clean it off.

I was equally thrilled when I also then found in WHSmith matching photo boxes.
They do sell the draws in different prints there was a more classy black and white flower print which I was tempted to go for but cupcakes win all the time for me!

WHSmith Cupcake muti draws ~ £12.99
WHSmith Cupcake print photo box ~£5.99

Overall I'm very happy with my new make-up draws but will be on the look out for an even more practical solution!

Have you got the same problem?
Do you know a better storage solution?

Please leave your opinions I would love to hear from you!



  1. I used to use these WHSmith drawers, but I'm afraid they were overflowing and I had to get a new solution!!!

    1. I know where your coming from! Would love to see what your solution was. As im afraid I have struggled to find a good one!


  2. Woud like to have those pretty drawers ;-) follow your blog hope you visit mine too.xx

  3. so sweet! i love it, the cupcakes <3

  4. likeeee your blog dear,
    keep posting and go for it!!

  5. I have 2 small drawers in my wardrobe and i have put different boxes in those draws, and also 2 smaller sets of draws in each of the draws haha! confusing i know, but it works for me. and i've nominated you on my blog :) xx