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Monday, 30 April 2012

Maybelline 10hr Super stay tint gloss review

Hello Beautiful people! 
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

On Saturday I finally got myself a Superdrug beauty card! I would 100% recommend you all to get yourself one of these cards if you can. Especially if your a big drugstore fan (like myself). All you need to do is ask for one at any Superdrug store and register your card online or by filling out the form which comes with the card. Now every time I shop at Superdrug ( in store or online) I get points which turn into pounds! The card itself is BRILLIANT as it has a good quality little mirror on it, which will be perfect on nights out when all the mirrors in the toilets are being hogged, we have all been there! 

On my little trip to Superdrug I purchased the Maybelline Superstay 10hr tint gloss.
I bought it in the color Timeless Plum. What attracted me to this product is the smell, I had i sniff of the tester and thought it was a lovely unique fruity smell. 

I have to say that I really did not like the applicator, It was difficult to work with and Id say I have quite big lips so for someone who has thinner lips I can imagine it would be very awkward. 

As you can see the formula latched on to all the dry bits on my lips, this is a common problem i have found with lip tints and my lips have been dry lately so i overlooked this. What I couldn't help but feel disappointed with is the color, in the tube and on my skin test it looked like a sultry deep plum color yet on my lips it went a vintage pink. However In person It does look slightly more forgiving than what you can see on the picture. I thought I would take a picture of my lips just 2 HOURS after application and this is what i found...

My natural lip color...  This product boasts that it lasts 10 hours and it clearly did't even last 2 hours. I did't make an effort to put it to the test as I never had a meal in that time and I did't do much to test how it would effect the tint on my lips, so really it should have held up better.  Overall i'm fairly disappointed with this product as I generally love the range of makeup Maybelline have to offer. Unfortunately I don't think this is a product i will be repurchasing.

Maybelline Superstay 10hr Tint gloss ~ £6.99

Have you bought this product?
Do you know a good lip tint?

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  1. oo is the superdrug card a bit like the boots advantage card? i look the advantage card its always a treat when you can pay for something using your points! ahh nevermind about the lip tint, im not really a fan of lip tint it doesnt do anything for me lol. :)

    1. Yeh its basically the same:) I know its brilliant to get something back from your spends :D

  2. I brought this and it defo didnt last 10 hours on me either :o(

    Over on my blog I am having a MAC lipstick and eye shadow give away, you could win a Mac lippy and shadow in the colour of your choice :o)