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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hello lovely girls and boys! 

Overalls are not the most flattering on me
My name is Laura-Ann Johnson and as you may have already read in my 'about me' para i'm an electrician but i'm not the stereotypical women in a mans world. I love my day job, it's something I understand and enjoy but I also love and understand beauty, fashion and all things girly! I have been able to balance being  the typical 'girly-girl' with giving the lads a run for their money in my day job. I would love to channel the other side to me, the girl who loves beauty, make-up, celebs and glamour. I hope I can help you guys out and hopefully give you all a good read. I also LOVE reading other peoples blogs so please leave a comment and follow me so I can discover your interests and passions and follow you back (: 

Thank you all so much for giving me the time of day

Hope to here from you all soon 


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